My East Africa Experience

My Kenya & Tanzania Trip

In July last year, I got the opportunity to go to Kenya and Tanzania on the Teacher’s recce.

Throughout the week, we visited several camps, local projects, and communities. We landed in Tanzania at 9 am, after flying through the night (and having several plane breakfasts!). While there we visited Camp Mbokomu, Camp Kidia and spent two days at Camp Tanga (our beach camp – the views are stunning!).

We then took the journey into Kenya, where we visited Camp Muhaka and Camp Tsavo, before returning to Tanzania and flying back to the UK.

I thought I would share a few of my highlights from the week I spent in Africa…

Visiting schools and seeing the work we do

We visited several schools and local communities throughout the course of the recce. Every school and community we work with really benefit from the work Camps International does, but I’d like to share my highlight.

At Tsavo, we visited Sasenyi Primary School. This is the place where it hit home to me the difference we can make and the need for what Camps does. This school has approximately 900 students, many of whom enrolled in an Emergency Feeding Program. For a lot of the students, this is the only meal they will get all day. 

We have been working at this school for six years and have made a massive difference. Before Camps International started volunteering here, the children were studying in mud huts or sat outside under a tree. Now they have several classrooms with more being built, along with work being completed to stop soil erosion and build toilet blocks. The need for help in this country stares you right in the face, and I wish I could do so much more; these people need and deserve our support.


I love animals, and I spent the whole week looking forward to our game drive while in Camp Tsavo! Having the opportunity to experience the real beauty of Kenya and its’ wildlife was incredible, and at the end of the game drive, we were also able to watch the sunset from Pride Rock.

Finally, I would just like to thank all the staff in Kenya who made us feel so welcome. In particular, Yusra and Peter who kept us company and laughing through the whole week. A final thank you to the teachers I traveled with, who were a great group within a week.

Blog Post written by:
Swahili tutor and Translator