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Advanced Swahili Course

The Advanced Course is designed for students who have completed both the Swahili beginners, lower and upper intermediate levels and are at a semi-fluent level of speaking and translating Kiswahili. This level is suitable for researchers, trainers, people working in East Africa and all learners with significant interests in Kiswahili.  Students who complete this level will be able to speak Kiswahili more fluently with quick response rates while comfortable with a majority of topics and vocabulary.

What else to expect at this level?

Students should expect to be given a variety of topics to discuss and debate giving their opinions while using and following Kiswahili Language. Most students at this level are comfortable seating for both O level Cambridge Kiswahili exams or IGCSE to gauge their levels in Kiswahili. Additionally, most students who wish to sharpen their translation skills will seat for external translation examination and become qualified Swahili translators.

What do you expect to be covered?

  • Kenya National Examinations Council exams papers both at primary and secondary levels
  • Finance, Volunteering, Healthcare, and work-related vocabulary.


Swahili tutor and Translator

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