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Swahili Upper Intermediate Course

Swahili upper intermediate course consists of 15 x1 hour lessons either face to face and online. Swahili Upper intermediate Course is designed for students who have completed both beginners and lower intermediate courses. At this level, students should now be focussing on difficult language structures with more complexity of sentence constructions, quicker translations and response rates. Swahili upper intermediate introduces essential grammar revolving around interesting topics and complex language structures.

What you should expect to learn;

  • Extensive Swahili nouns and noun classes. This course covers 12 Major noun classes in Kiswahili.
  • Combined verbs derivation/ verbal forms
  • Emphatics, the subjunctives, and Habitual forms
  • Formation of nouns from verbs and adjectives
  • Tailored intermediate dialogues developed to enable students to practice critical topics covered in both beginners and lower  Intermediate course.

After completing Swahili Lower intermediate course the students will be able to;

  • Initiate dialogues focusing on complex language rules and structures
  • Read and translate Kiswahili short stories and understand Kiswahili radio and television news with ease.
  • Translate Kiswahili to English and English to Kiswahili complex dialogues both oral, visual and written
  • At the end of this course, students should converse with ease with quicker response rates to questions.


Swahili tutor and Translator

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