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Swahili Lower Intermediate Course

Swahili lower intermediate course consists of 10 x1 hour lessons either face to face and online. This course builds on the basics and introduces essential grammar, structure, and language rules necessary at this level. The course is designed to allow students to understand fundamental Swahili concepts making them develop their basic speaking and reading skills.

Swahili Intermediate course adopts a hands-on approach to communication, exploring how to communicate effectively in Swahili considering context of culture, age, professional and social settings. It is an extension of essential topics and grammar covered at a beginners level i.e. topics such as sound patterns, word formation, sentence structure, and the study of meaning and use. You will learn about the core structure that forms Swahili. The course gives plenty of practice in dialogues, both oral and written translations, listening and writing.

What you should expect to learn;

  • Swahili nouns and noun classes. This course covers 9 Major noun classes
  • 6 verbs derivation/ verbal forms
  • Swahili adjectives and adverbs
  • Prepositions and Conjunctions
  • Lower Intermediate dialogues developed to enable students to practice critical topics covered in the Intermediate course including their response rates for oral translation both English to Swahili vice versa

After completing Swahili Lower intermediate course the students will be able to;

  • Initiate dialogues focusing on simple topics using the vocabulary and language rules.
  • Read and translate Kiswahili stories and understand Kiswahili radio and television news with ease.
  • Prepare and write short functional speeches.
  • Converse with ease with a quicker response rate to questions.


Swahili Tutor and Translation Specialist
Swahili tutor and Translator

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