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Swahili crash course

Do you want to achieve your goals quickly?

Swahili crash course is an intensive and practical method of learning Swahili where we immediately immerse you in the language and push you to achieve the maximum results within the shortest possible time.

Our Intensive Swahili course is renowned for its immersion teaching technique, and our Crash course takes that principle to the next level. It consists of one-on-one instruction with our native professional tutor in  8 lessons daily (26.6 hours a week) for up to six weeks.  Our qualified native tutor will help you face any challenges that come along, keeping you speaking at least 50% of the time. If you have been looking or are looking for intensive Swahili course, then our crash course is one of your best choices.

What else to expect?

Targeted to your personal and professional needs

Our intensive Swahili crash course will help you improve your Swahili level and achieve your objectives in record time. Whether you opt for a one-week course, a six-week course, or something in between, you are guaranteed the accomplishment of your learning goals. The course content is customised to suit your specific needs.

London Swahili trainers can call upon an extensive selection of materials from a wide variety of industries and areas of interest. We can guarantee you to gain the knowledge you can use in your daily life, increasing your confidence when using the language in any situation.

Swahili intensive course is ideal for learners who need to improve their level of proficiency and gain a solid foundation in a new language quickly.

Benefits of our Swahili intensive Crash course

  • Individual intensive lessons focused on your specific goals
  • Effective learning experience from our tutors
  • 8 lessons a day (5.3 hours) of intensive training: 09.45-12.45 and 14.15-17.15 daily, over 1-6 weeks
  • Maximised participation with at least 50% of learners’ speaking time


Swahili tutor and Translator

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